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Introducing Natasha Benson

Inzone5 is proud to present our latest brand ambassador, Natasha Benson, co-founder of Alpha Balance.

5 Things to Know About Natasha....

1.  Natasha is an extreme Alpha type having previously been a National swimmer in the UK.

2. Following her swimming career she took up a job with a prestigious US investment bank, where she worked for 15yrs before making a complete career change in 2014.

3. Natasha started her yoga journey in 2009 as a way to help her reduce stress and find balance.

4. Natasha founded AlphaBalance with her partner Serene with the aim to promote holistic health and wellness through a range of techniques. She loves using the traditional techniques of yoga with more modern understandings, which use Pilates and functional training, to create balance of body and mind.

5. Natasha is a big fan of inzone5’s ranges – she’s showcasing Vie Active ‘s rainfall collection here beautifully – and we’re delighted that Natasha is joining the inzone5 brand as an ambassador.  She’ll be helping us launch our new yoga line, which is coming very soon!

Find out more on Natasha at http://www.alphabalance.sg

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